Life in the house is beginning to feel more settled since we moved in and I thought it’d be a nice time to finally share a tour of the kitchen.

The space is really open and includes a small bar area off to one side and the dining room on the other side.

There are two kitchen islands. The purpose of the second island is mostly for family dinners and gatherings and acts as a buffet area for serving food. And since it’s directly across from the bar area, it works nicely for grabbing drinks as well and keeping foot traffic out of the working area of the kitchen.

The upper drawers in the buffet island hold the extra silverware, plates, napkins, etc. used for big gatherings and the cupboards beneath hold items such as crockpots and chafing dishes used during gathering times as well. There are outlets on either side of the island for plugging the crockpots in.

The sink and dishwasher are in the main island and it’s definitely the most used area in the kitchen. 

I had been visualizing some camel colored leather chairs for island seating to add some warmth to the space and to tie in with some light golden veining in the marble wall tile. I worked with Tin Roof Furniture in Spokane to have some made and we love them! They’re really big and comfy and made in the USA.

The refrigerator/freezer is just to the right of the main island and is faced with cabinetry so that it blends right in. I found the refrigerator handles at The Hardware Hut (known locally as Spokane  Hardware). They’re super heavy duty solid brass and so pretty!

The wall ovens are located on the wall behind the island.

The cooktop is located on the same wall as the wall ovens. The pots and pans are stored in the drawers beneath the cooktop.

I like clean square lines, (as opposed to angled lines) and that’s reflected in the vent over the cooktop. I designed a bit of a ledge on the vent so that I can place artwork or anything there that seems like the right fit such as a wreath, etc.

The pantry is located behind the far door, just beyond the wall ovens, shown above. (I shared a tour of the pantry recently. You can find it here).

I’ll be posting more details on some of the design elements of the kitchen soon. Stay tuned!


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Sources: (Some links may be affiliate links):

  • All Cabinet Hardware: The Hardware Hut.
  • Kitchen Island Bar Stools and Dining Room Chairs: Tin Roof Furniture
  • Pendant Lights over islands: here
  • Black Cabinet Island Paint: SW “Caviar”.
  • White Cabinet Paint: SW “Dover White”.
  • Counters are quartz in a Calacatta marble style.
  • Wall tile: Calacatta Marble with a flat finish.
  • Cooktop and Wall Ovens: Wolf
  • Refrigerator/Freezer: SubZero
  • Dishwasher: Cove
  • Main Island Sink: here
  • Bar Sink: here
  • Faucets: here
  • Wood Floor: made by Duchateau. Style is “Grand Savoy” and the color is “Vicomte”.
  • I’m unable to share information on the cabinet maker.

If you have specific questions, please post them in the comments below so when I respond, I’m able to answer and share with anyone else who is following along and may want the same information. Thanks!


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