Things have been trucking right along at the building site and every day there’s so much progress to be seen. We’ve watched the house go from floor joists, to sub floor, to main floor wall framing, upstairs wall framing, and on to the trusses in a short time.

This is always a favorite part of the process for me because you can SEE the progress each day and it feels like everything is happening so quickly. Of course, that speedy feeling will change to feeling like time is standing still soon enough when the framing is all done and there are detailed things happening inside like plumbing and electrical and aren’t as easy to see because they’re tucked away. But progress is progress, isn’t it?!

I’ve been looking at flooring options, working out the details for our fireplace (it’s been so complicated!), working on the stone exterior, made some big decisions on the windows, chosen all of the kitchen appliances, met with the landscaper to talk about landscaping plans, met with the gatemaker to settle on placement details, met with the Deparment of Natural Resources for some advice on our trees, and am working on a BUNCH of mirrors I plan on using in a modern way. I’m expecting some roofing samples this week and then I’ll be able to make a decision on the metal material that will go over the front entrance.

I’ve just finished finalizing the front door, front door hardware, and interior door hardware with the team at Spokane Hardware and will be sharing all of the details about that next.

Note: This house update is part of a long series of posts on the progress of our new home we’re building in Spokane. You can find the first post here, and the second post here.


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