Progress continues on all aspects of the house. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about the overall plan for the exterior yet, which is for the entire house portion of the exterior to be brick and the garage to be concrete board and batten siding. The mason and his crew have been laying the brick for the last couple of months and are getting close to being complete. A recent concern that has arisen is that the mortar on front of the house is darker than the rest of the house, which is white. Hopefully it will lighten up soon and we won’t have to worry about it, but we’ll see. The crew working on the board and batten siding has begun working on the garage and it’s looking great. We’ll be painting the garage the same color as the brick and all of the different textures in the materials should be really pretty.

The landscapers have also started working on shoring up one of the corners of our backyard with large basalt boulders, installing a drainage system, leveling and bringing the patio up to grade, pouring our driveway approach, and removing a few dead trees. They’ll begin installing the pavers for the patio and cutting in the driveway sometime this week or next.

The radiant floor heat tubes were all installed, the gypcrete poured, and the final systems installed and heat turned on so the house is nice and cozy now which is necessary for drying out all the mud used in the drywall process. And speaking of drywall, it’s all in and they’ve been mudding and taping for the last couple of weeks. Once they finish up with the mudding and taping, they’ll doing some very faint texturing on some of the walls and a smooth finish on the rest.

Up next is the interior paint and getting ready for cabinetry installation. We’re getting closer every day.

Source: Our landscaping project is all by Legacy Landscapes.

Note: This house update is part of a long series of posts on the progress of our new home we’re building in Spokane. You can find the first post here, the second post here, the third post here, the fourth post here, the fifth post here, the sixth post here, the seventh post here, the eighth post here, and my guest posts on selecting door hardware here on The Hardware Hut blog and narrowing down the choices for our cabinet hardware with The Hardware Hut here.

I frequently share videos of our home construction project on my Instagram stories.

I’ll be sharing more blog posts as we go along. If you have specific questions regarding our build, please leave them in the comments below so when I respond and post, I’m able to answer and share with anyone else who is following along and may want the same information. Thanks!


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