I still can’t believe it, but we’re officially moved in to our new home! We managed to get in the day the Covid quarantine took effect and even though there are some things that still need to be completed, we’re here!

If you follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook, you might remember the saga of the awnings. I had such a hard time finding someone to make them and at a reasonable price. Eventually, I found designyourawning.com and they were amazing to work with. The awnings are in the “Juliette” style and are exactly what I wanted to complete our French inspired home.

In an earlier post, I talked about our home’s brick exterior. The brick is naturally white, made from white clay. The entire body of the house is brick and the garage is finished with cement siding in a board and batten style. I had originally wanted to use wider battens but had to change that plan a bit to save on cost. The battens are still wider than the more commonly used narrow style and I really like how it all turned out. Because I didn’t want the garage to stand out at all from the house, I had the paint for the garage matched to the color of the brick. I think it adds a timeless style to have all of the different materials and textures united in one color.

The eyebrow detail over the garage is finished with inspiration from the board and batten siding and the windows on the house. The boards are the same as used for the board and batten, and the grid-like pattern mimics the house window grids.

The front door had originally been designed to be a large single door but I changed it to double doors instead. I shared a post all about that here. I think the double doors are much more fitting for the style of our home.

I wrote a post about selecting the door hardware from the Hardware Hut here.

To get the door color I was going for, I simply got lots of paint chips and held them up in front of the house at different times of the day and in both shade and sun until I was able to narrow it down to the one I chose. It’s such a cheery blue color to me and every time I come home, it makes me smile.

The shop sits next to the garage and is finished in the same siding. I had a second Juliette style awning made for the shop to match the one on the house.

Our house sits high above the river and the patio at the back of the house is such a nice place to hang out, enjoy the peaceful setting, and take in the views.

Notes: I’ve done a series of posts on our house building process. You can find the first post here, the second post here, the third post here, the fourth post here, the fifth post here, the sixth post here, the seventh post here, the eighth post here,  the ninth post here, the tenth post here, the eleventh post here, and my guest posts on selecting door hardware here on The Hardware Hut blog and narrowing down the choices for our cabinet hardware with The Hardware Hut here.


If you have specific questions, please ask them in the comments below so when I respond and post, I’m able to answer and share with anyone else who is following along and may want the same information. Thanks!


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