A recent stay at The Peninsula Hotel in Paris made my trip one to remember. I thought you might like a little tour! The hotel itself is stunning and the service is over the top. Staying at such a beautiful hotel, in such an aesthetically pleasing city is almost dreamlike because you’re constantly surrounded by loveliness.

A visit to the hotel’s aviation-themed restaurant, L’OISEAU BLANC, offers views over the rooftops of Paris and is something to behold. 

And Le Rooftop is a quiet and peaceful spot to sit and relax, have a cocktail, and enjoy the views. (Hats provided!)

Imagine the sound of clinking glasses, the soft murmur of conversation, and a trickle of guests moseying through, and you have Le Lobby which also serves as the location for Afternoon Teaand Sunday Brunch. Yes, it’s stunning.

And just beyond Le Lobby sits Le Bar Kleber, which is the location of the 1973 signing of the Paris Peace Accords, that ended the Vietnam War.

The rooms, which vary in size, are all luxurious and offer special little details like automated window awnings if the sun gets too bright and automated curtains for privacy. It’s all just a simple press of the button.

Little sitting areas are such a nice addition and made the room feel like a home away from home. The fresh flowers throughout were pretty great too!

My family always teases me for playing the spa channel on the radio in my car. (Hey, it’s a nice peaceful way to make your way through traffic!) So I couldn’t wait to tell them that the tub in my room had a button you can press which is “spa mode” where the lights automatically dim and spa music begins to play. It was perfect.

And the dressing rooms are pretty great too.

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Images: Roxanne Matiz


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