We’re lucky enough to have several Japanese dollar stores (Daiso) in the Seattle area of Washington State and visits there never disappoint. I’m always surprised that everyone doesn’t know about these cutest shops and I thought it’d be fun to give you a peek inside.

Just like any retail shop, the Japanese dollar stores are arranged by categories, one of which is office and craft supplies,  with many of the products leaning toward cute and whimsical. And the selection of gold and rose gold supplies like paper clips and staples is amazing!

You’ll find a large dish section here as well. I’m particularly drawn to all of the whiteware and special Japanese dishes. I adore all of the different sizes and shapes. (The small dishes are a favorite in our house for snacks!)

Aisles of kitchenware and homekeeping supplies are packed with unique graters, utensils, scoops, whisks, baking supplies, bento supplies, and so much more. And speaking of bento supplies, there are so many uses for them! The little paper cups are perfect for use as happy little containers in your children’s lunch boxes, and because of their rigidity, they work well as little organizational vessels in shallow drawers craft drawers, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Party supplies are another biggie here, and with such a fun and different selection than seen at other shops. Fun, colorful, and inexpensive, remember almost everything is $1 each! And while you’re looking at party supplies, the candy selection here is great! Lots of whimsical candies that would be perfect for a party or anytime you want a new fun and international treat to try.

Near the party supplies, you’ll find lots of cute and cheerful food wraps like foils, wax papers, and ziplock-style plastic bags. Will your child’s lunch box contents be the cutest ever? Yes!!!

Some of my favorite recent purchases are mini squeeze mason jars, intended for sauces in a bento box, alphabet cutters, cute little cookie stamps, pastel rubber bands, and mini cookie cutters. Hooray!


  • There are lots of other items sold at the Japanese dollar store such as small electronics and beauty supplies.
  • To search for Japanese dollar stores, I suggest googling that term or “Daiso” to find stores nearest to you.


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