Chandler and I went on a pumpkin donut tasting adventure to GreenBluff last week. It’s harvest festival time on the bluff and as always, it did not disappoint. As you might imagine, the pumpkin donuts were super tasty as well!

Although life is altered because of Covid, I was so happy to see the farms adapting and operating as best as they can during such a difficult time. I can tell you, crisp fall air,  pumpkins, apples, and harvest treats are quite a spirit lifter!

We limited our stops to the farms serving pumpkin donuts. Because of Covid, some of the farms weren’t offering them this year, but we found five farms that were and they were delicious!

It was a tough job, but since it was a donut tasting, we ranked each stop on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Here are the results:

  • Walters: 5/10
  • Hidden Acres: 8/10
  • High Country 9/10
  • Sunset Orchard: 9/10
  • Harvest House 10/10

As you can see, the Harvest House donuts were our favorite and they may be so good at making them because they are the original farm to sell them on the bluff and have been making them for the longest amount of time. There were several close contenders though!

I should also mention that Big Barn Brewing sells gluten free pumpkin donuts most weekends during harvest festival but they weren’t selling them the day we visited.

Siemer’s usually sells pumpkin donuts during harvest festival but is closed this year due to Covid.

Wellen’s also usually sells pumpkin donuts during harvest festival but isn’t offering them this year due to Covid. However, their antiques shop was open when we stopped by and they were selling apples and pears.

For all things Spokane food related, make sure to check out Chandler’s blog: Spokane Eats!


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