As a part of my girly trip to Paris, I thought it’d be so fun to go perfume shopping and find a new scent as a special souvenir from my trip for one. Because of my love for great aesthetics in all things, I settled on visiting L’Officine Universelle which has been making their lovely, natural products since 1803. If you were walking down the street, you might not even notice the shop.


Once you step into the little lobby, you can see there must be something special just beyond.

They’ve really done a great job of creating a dear little tranquil experience for you as they walk you through their different perfumes, lotions, and natural products. The ladies are just really sweet.

And if you have time, they’ll personalize your perfume box just for you.

I was noticing as I walked around Paris that day that so many more people wore perfume here than I could remember. I kept just getting the slightest little whiffs of perfume. I know that’s probably a funny thing to notice, but I’m one of those people that really notices scents. And I just kept thinking, there really is a special beautiful scent that all these Parisian women wear. So lovely!Then as I sat down to dinner and as I set my shopping bags down, I smelled the scent once again. So nice!….. Then I realized, I’d been smelling my new perfume that I’d been carrying around all day. Oh my goodness. Well, at least I really love the scent and now it will always reallyremind me of Paris!


This is the fourth post in my Paris Party of Oneseries. You can find the first post here. The second post here. The third post here. There will be more posts to follow. Hooray!


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