You know how much I love to forage for supplies to make floral arrangements, but why not consider those same possibilities in buttercream form? With that thought in mind, I set out to make an Autumn cake with botanical items of the season made in nothing but buttercream. I settled on blackberries, rosehips, snowberries, and roses.

This project was exactly what I needed today while it was cold and rainy outside. Here’s how I created the berries and rosehips:

For the blackberries, I used a Wilton cake decorating tip #3 and piped out an oval roughly the size of a blackberry. Next, I added little dots all over the oval, and last of all, I pressed down the little dots that were too pointy by dotting my fingertip into water and then onto each little dot, very carefully pressing down each one until it looked just like a blackberry:

For the rosehips, I used a Wilton cake decorating tip #5 and piped out a shape that resembled a rosehip. Then I added tiny little tendrils at the tip of the rosehip using Wilton tip #1:

For the snowberries, I used a Wilton tip #2 and piped out little dots resembling snowberries and finished each one with a little dot piped out using a Wilton tip #1:

My advice on making the berries and rosehips look their best is to not try and make them look exactly the same. Blackberry and rosehip sizes should vary. With the snowberries, try not to place each little center dot perfectly. Place some of the center dots slightly askew, which mimics nature.

Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of this stormy Sunday, a cup of tea, and definitely a bit of cake. How about you?

Notes: I buy all of my cake supplies at Carolyn’s Cake Supply Shop in Spokane, Washington, which is a small brick and mortar locally owned specialty shop in our city. There are so few of these dear little shops left around the country and we’re so lucky to have it. If you’re interested in supporting small business, give them a call (click link for phone number) to place an order for any of your cake decorating supply needs.

For this project, I used Americolor gel color 135 goldfor the roses, Americolor gel color 145 eggplantfor the blackberries, Americolor gel colors 133 maroonand 120 super redfor the rosehips, and Americolor gel color 144 mossfor the center dots on the snowberries.

My go-to small kitchen appliances for baking are:

Stand Mixer

Hand Mixer

Food Processor


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