I love each holiday, when the stores start stocking lots of different candies. Whenever I’m browsing the aisles, my mind is churning, thinking about what I can create. And more times than not, I dream in miniature. I’m not sure why, but mini is so darned cute, isn’t it? This year, I dreamed up these teeny tiny boxes of candy donuts – perfect for Valentine treats.

To start, I whipped up a tiny bowl of icing. Just a wee bit of confectioner’s (powdered sugar) and enough water to make it a nice consistency for dipping and glazing. And a bunch of Lifesavers candies.

Oh, and some sprinkles too. All you need to do is dip the top of each Lifesaver into the icing and add a pinch of sprinkles.

You can use teeny tiny heart sprinkles too.

I think the reds look like red velvet cake donuts. Let’s pretend they are.

Oh! Look. Two lil’ donuts sittin’ in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G….

hee hee.

Then we need to box them up. Just like a teeny tiny bakery would. What kind would you like? The little sprinkleys?

Or the variety pack?

Then we just slip on the little bakery box cover. And they’re all ready for delivery. (Make sure the icing is completely dry before packaging).

Note:These would make fun little birthday party favors or April Fools treats too!


  • Lifesavers Candies in Valentines colors: Target (These come in bags of individually wrapped candies).
  • Sprinkles: Bake It Pretty
  • Match box favor boxes: Martha Stewart Crafts
  • Tiny pink bowl and little metal spoon: Fishs Eddy


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