When I talk about the Portuguese sausage, Linguica, I’m always surprised at the number of people who haven’t heard of it. For me, it’s the most delicious (and my favorite!) sausage that exists. Being Portuguese, I grew up eating Linguica and try to incorporate it into our meals every once in a while. I thought I’d share some different ways that I use it to make some delicious meals.

Some Linguica is spicy, but I prefer to use the standard non-spicy sort so the boys aren’t breathing flames.

A traditional dish my Uncle makes is a thick sort of stew with chicken pieces, diced canned tomatoes, Linguica and black olives.  It’s tasty and always reminds me of him and my trips to San Francisco to visit.

I tend to use Linguica in really simple ways, and whenever I do, the boys are excited to eat it.  It’s really tasty.

Here are my favorites:

When making spaghetti, sometimes I substitute Linguica for the ground beef.  When I substitute it, I don’t add any salt to the sauce, as the Linguica has plenty and it flavors the sauce really well.  I call it Linguica Spaghetti.  Whooo! Creative right? It’s also delicious added in addition to the ground beef.

An incredibly simple and delicious dinner is Angel Hair Pasta with Linguica.  After cooking the pasta, I toss it with a little butter and sprinkle in small fried chunks of the Linguica.  Add a green salad on the side, and it’s a super quick and easy meal.

Linguica and eggs.  Scramble up some eggs, add in fried Linguica, serve it to your husband, and he’ll fall in love with you all over again.


Linguica is readily available in most grocery stores.  If you have a hard time finding it, ask your butcher and he’ll probably be able to point it out for you.

I usually slice Linguica into little rounds (as seen above) and then in half again, so the sausage is more of an accent than the only flavor in a bite.

I like to fry up the Linguica before using it, making the edges crispy and browned, which is much more appetizing to me than a pale piece of sausage.

I hope you’ll give it a try.


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