Each year, after I choose the theme for The Farm Chicks Fair, my focus turns to how I want to turn that theme into a poster for the event and the rest of that year’s marketing materials. Much of my inspiration comes to me when I’m traveling because my mind is a lot more free to be in the moment, seeing new things, and not worrying abut day to day responsibilities. This year’s flower theme is simple but carries inspiration from Paris and my special trip there last fall, and pays tribute to my flower garden from our farmhouse we said goodbye to this year. Because of my vision for the poster, I knew right away I wanted to commission artist Elizabeth Mayville to bring it to life. I love how she paints people and found her originally when I was looking for an artist to paint the scene and artwork  for the county fair theme a few years back. I really enjoy working with Elizabeth and love how this year’s poster turned out.

The posters are a fun tradition for me, going back to the very first event in my neighbor’s barn. In the beginning, my sister hand-drew the posters. After a couple of shows, we enlisted Hatch Show Print in Nashville and worked with them for a few years. After moving Farm Chicks to the Spokane Fairgrounds, I worked with a couple of graphic artists on the posters and then began commissioning artists and have done so for many years now. I love how the posters have evolved over the years and for me, are a timestamp of special Farm Chicks moments in my life. Do you have a favorite poster from years gone by? I’d love to hear about it if you do!


Stay-at-home mom, Serena Thompson, dreamed of creating a fun and happy little event to sell her vintage and handmade goods. In 2002, she and some friends held the first event in her neighbor’s barn. The sale became wildly popular and began attracting visitors from across the country and recognition in national magazines. Today the event fills the Spokane County Fairgrounds and features hundreds of creatively and carefully curated spaces filled with vintage and handmade goods. Many describe it as a bucket list event, magical, inspirational, and the best vintage & handmade fair in the country. Serena describes it as the happiest on earth.