Something I learned as a little girl is that any natural elements are fair game when it comes to making floral arrangements. You don’t have to limit yourself to flowers! Today I’m going to show you how to make a beautiful floral arrangement using strawberry clippings.

Up the hill from the log cabin my dad built was a spring that ran year-round. The spring was surrounded by massive cedars, making it very shady with bits of dappled light. The high end of the spring was full of natural clay and I imagined the Native American Indians who had once lived on our land had spent time there, utilizing the clay and making arrowheads. The hillside surrounding the spring was covered in wild strawberry plants and I’d found several arrowheads, along with big chunks of obsidian there while picking the wild strawberries over the years.

Wild strawberries are painfully small, about the size of a small blueberry, so picking them was more about the fun of finding them than it was about eating them. And at some point I discovered that handfuls of the greens and tiny red berries were daintily beautiful! This is true with most plants – they can be beautiful in mixed arrangements, or simply on their own. You don’t need to limit yourself to flowers.

To make the grown-up version of my childhood bouquets, all you need are a few different clippings to make your arrangement interesting. Three different types of clippings is ideal. For this arrangement, I used wild white yarrow that grows along the edge of our field,

wild roses,

and of course, strawberry plant clippings. I love the variety of the green, white, pink, and red strawberries.

Simply put, choose a few different types of greenery clippings and tiny blossoms and combine with strawberry clippings and just like that, you’ll have an arrangement that’s cute as can be!


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