There’s something so special about a home with an arrangement or two. Whenever I make one, each time it catches my eye, I feel happy. And honestly, they’re so incredibly simple to pull together. Today I want to show you how to make an autumn arrangement that’s both beautiful and simple and perfect for the fall season.

I like to start with any items I can forage like clippings from my neighbor’s trees and rosemary from my garden and then fill in with other pretty elements that are fitting for the season. In this case, it’s my interpretation of a Cornucopia, so I picked up some persimmon, pears, pomegranate and artichokes from the supermarket.

I chose to use one of my soup tureens as the vessel for the arrangement, but so many dishes would work well. Take a look through your cupboards to see what inspires you. You’ll want to make sure it can hold water, in order to keep your clippings from drying up. To start, fill it up about halfway with cold water. Next, start filling in with the base elements, the pieces that are going to create a platform for the fruit and vegetables to sit on.

The first base element I like to start with is what I want to show along the edges of my arrangement. I really love the look of something drooping over the sides, so I start with the red berries first. These came from my neighbor’s tree, but grapes would work really well too.

I’ve placed the berries all around the edge, while creating a nice base.

Next comes the rosemary, interspersed between the berries.

Now I have a nice base to build my arrangement on and place the next pieces, as well as against the edge of the tureen.

Now it’s almost ready, but I want to tuck in just a few more berries from another of my neighbor’s trees.

Just a few, here and there until it’s just right.

And that’s all it takes. Layer layer layer, place place place and just like that you have a beautiful Autumn arrangement.

All images by Sylvia Fountaine


This project is the first of many collaborations with my friend, Sylvia, who photographed this project. Watch for another collaboration with Sylvia and me, coming soon here on my website, and on hers.


You can find a similar tureen to mine here,

-OR- look for tureens with missing lids at thrift shops or full tureens in antiques shops.

You can find big rosemary plants this time of year at some home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot and in the floral section of many supermarkets.


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