So many of you have contacted me in regards to the covering on my kitchen table.

My table, featured on page 140 of The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen, has been in our home since Colin and I were married.  And after many years of use, it began to show some wear.  But rather than replacing it, I decided to cover it with oilcloth.  Here are my directions, as described in the book:

1. Spread oilcloth over the top of the table, right side up.  Using the table contour as a guide, make sure the pattern is centered nicely; weight the cloth with bowls or books to keep it in position.

2. Cut the oilcloth to size, allowing an overhang on all edges that is long enough to wrap around the edge and staple to the underside of the tabletop.  The overhang was approximately 2 inches for my table.

3. Using a hand held heavy-duty staple gun, attach the oilcloth to the underside of the tabletop.  First staple the middle of 2 opposite sides, then the middle of the remaining opposite sides, pulling the cloth taut.  Continue all around the tabletop, pulling the cloth taut while making sure the pattern remains straight and even.

Note: my favorite source for oilcloth is ebay.  There are a couple of ebay stores from the U.K. that sell adorable oilcloth that I love, and ship worldwide:

Cath Kidston is also another favorite source of mine for oilcloth, but the prices and shipping can be really expensive.

Image of my table was taken by the super wonderful John Granen.


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