It’s been a long week for the boys, filled with long days of school testing, preceded by weeks of practice testing.  Enough to make them all feel a bit frazzled.  To give them something to look forward to, I promised them something fun after school every day.  The library was at the top of their list.  One of their favorite places in the world.  And with all of the talk in the world about the economy right now, they’ve been fixated on figuring out what are the best choices for saving and spending their money.  So, there were lots of money books in their book piles.

There were board games, backyard stick-ball, baseball, football and basketball games.  Lukie is pursuing the world record for pogo-stick jumping.  Micah started a business, selling bubble gum to kids at school (gum chewing is allowed by some teachers during test taking).  Teri donated some sugar cookie dough, left over from some recipe testing, and the boys loved baking it up and decorating it – all on their own.

And thank goodness Lukie and his friends were able to dig up 32 worms at recess, which he safely transported home in his pocket.  They now have their very own worm farm.

Today’s fun activity will be going to Yoke’s after school, where the boys have had their eyes on some cool tomato, cactus and ranunculus plants.  They’ll be headed there with Colin, as Teri and I are on our way out of town to another Yokes, in fact, for a book signing.  I can’t wait to see their plant selections when I get back home, later tonight.


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