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Dandelion Tea

Another great use of dandelions is to brew them into as a simple tea. It’s really easy to make. Simply steep a handful of fresh leaves and blossoms in hot water for 5-10 minutes. The tea is quite mild and reminds me of spring, which seems appropriate for the plant that truly is one of

Dandelion Morning

Yesterday I talked about the nutritional value of the dandelion – such a gem of a plant, and a great ingredient for starting your day in a healthy way. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Although the flower is a great source of nutrition, it’s a little too bitter for me to eat raw,

Asian Quinoa Lettuce Wraps

I’m always looking for healthy ways to add proteins into my meal making and quinoa is a big favorite of mine. I like how it can sort of mimic ground meat, when flavored well. I first created this recipe as an appetizer for a friend’s birthday party and have since been serving it to Colin

Pumpkin Aebleskivers

I’ve been volunteering some time at my grange during Apple Festival where one of the vendors sells the most delicious aebleskivers served with a choice of applesauce and caramel, huckleberry, or boysenberry jam. It got me to thinking that I’d like to make a pumpkin version. I love how these turned out – pretty springy

Spicy Camp Bars – Re-invented

The original version of this recipe appeared in the first Farm Chicks book, The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen. A favorite childhood recipe of my friend and former business partner, Teri. In the years since the cookbook was published, I’ve tinkered with some of the recipes in an effort to make them more healthy. Here, I’ve

Asian Quinoa Salad

The first time I tried Quinoa was on a work trip to New York City. We were at the beautiful new Hearst building having lunch with Country Living Magazine colleagues in their amazing cafeteria. I tried a bit on top of a green salad and was instantly hooked. At the time, Quinoa was fairly new

Cider A La Mode

I love apple season and getting to have fresh-pressed cider is just an added bonus. The other night I was thinking about how much I wanted some apple pie but I wanted it RIGHT then. And since pie takes a while, I started thinking about what I could make instead. Cider. Spiced Cider. Hmmmm, could

Cherry Fizz

After coming home from picking cherries, I always like to give them a little washing. One of the biggest reasons is that the birds really love cherries and are all over the trees. Sometimes there are droppings that you may or may not see. Yuck. Just a quick little washing and gentle rub in cold

Italian Veggie Sandwich

The last year brought a lot of changes to my world – many of them health related. I’ve always really prided myself on cooking healthy food for my family, but I’ve never tried harder than I do now, really in an effort to be as healthy as I can be (and my family too!) As

Pon Pon Tofu

This recipe goes all the way back to my high school home economics class with Miss Goughnour. Miss Goughnour had a really big impact on my love of domesticity, especially cooking. The original recipe from school called for chicken, but I’ve adapted and tweaked it over the years because I love tofu. However, if tofu