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Dandelion Tea

Another great use of dandelions is to brew them into as a simple tea. It’s really easy to make. Simply steep a handful of fresh leaves and blossoms in hot water for 5-10 minutes. The tea is quite mild and reminds me of spring, which seems appropriate for the plant that truly is one of

Dandelion in Watercolor

A sweet and simple way to capture dandelions for all time is to create your very own watercolor painting, but with the actual flowers used in the making. What you’ll need is a few dandelions, some watercolor paints, a paintbrush, 5″x7″ watercolor paper, parchment paper, and a rolling pin. To begin, place your watercolor paper

Dandelion Morning

Yesterday I talked about the nutritional value of the dandelion – such a gem of a plant, and a great ingredient for starting your day in a healthy way. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Although the flower is a great source of nutrition, it’s a little too bitter for me to eat raw,

All About Dandelions

Winnie lived down the river from our place at Croy Gulch. She was as wise as she was welcoming and my connection to her was strong as I was named after her daughter, Serena. She was the first teacher I ever knew, a mentor of sorts to my mom, and my first example of a


This week I’m going to be talking about curating, what it means, and how it affects our lives. Who knew, right? I think when most people hear the word, curator, they think of a museum and the people who bring together a museum’s collections. But curating is actually intertwined into our everyday lives more than

Growing Sprouts

In the winter, I really miss my garden and all of the fresh veggies. Growing sprouts is like having a little winter garden. So many beans, seeds, and grains can be sprouted and are really healthy too. Here, I’ve sprouted quinoa (left) and a mixture of garbanzos (chickpeas) dried peas, and lentils (right). To make

Sonna’s Closet Pantry Makeover

Right after the new year, our friend and all-around super organizer, Jill, began making plans to makeover our friend Sonna’s pantry. Since I love pantries and organization, I wanted to join them and document the process to share with you. (We can all use a little organization inspiration sometimes!) When the rest of our friends

Simple Arrangements

I adore having fresh flowers around the house, and my favorite cut flower arrangements are those that don’t really take a lot of thought. They seem more natural that way, and fit my farmhouse style. Take this arrangement for example, picked up from a roadside flower stand. If you have trouble putting flowers together, start

Finding Barn Red

Taking Care of Wooden Utensils

I have a lot of wooden utensils and use them daily. But I’m not big on hand washing each one, which is recommended after use, when using wooden kitchen utensils.  To make up for running them through the dishwasher, I oil them every once in a while. The key is Mineral Oil. It’s food safe