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The Sunflower the Giver

The last of the sunflowers sit in the field after another summer of being true givers. For the pollen that feeds the bees that make the honey. For the deer who nibble their petals… hee hee And for me: Thank you, sunflowers. I love you so. *    *    *    * Between posts

Winter Field Run

I went on a run in my big warm boots through the fields today. Past the sunflower patch, the pumpkin field, pea field, and corn field. Lots of others had been there before me. The clouds were rolling along at such a fast clip, leaving the sun to flicker in and out as they passed

A Weekend Drive

We took a drive to Walla Walla. The sun was shining and the sky so blue I wanted to bottle it up. We took the long way, just because we could. Everyone should have the luxury of time once in a while. The open road is like a dream to me… >>>><<<< Between posts on

My Autumn

I love this time of year when the air turns cool and the leaves are bright and cheerful. I feel lucky to have four seasons. Here are some scenes from my autumn. Happy day to you. >>>><<<< Between posts on my website, I document my life on Instagram. You can follow along with me there, Username: thefarmchicks

The Library in the Woods

We wound our way through the tamarack, maple, birch, cedar and pine of North Idaho, where the fog filtered the light of the morning, creating a dream-like drive. Cool, crisp and misty. The road turned to dirt and the trees softly opened up to a clearing where a tiny cabin snuggled up to the edge

Margaret’s Special Oatmeal Cookies

Since sharing Floyd & Margaret’s story here a few days ago, their story has spread across the country. Most recently, the Today Show ran a story which included a mention of  Margaret’s oatmeal cookies as well as a link to my blog. (You can read my tribute to Floyd and Margaret by clicking here). Because of the overwhelming

True Love – The Story of Floyd & Margaret

Today I made the drive out to Floyd and Margaret’s, two unlikely friends I made while on a drive one afternoon about ten years ago with my parents. Over the years and after many visits to their farm, I grew to love and admire them and their endless love for one another. I’m heartbroken to

The Fall of the Year

Hello there. How was your weekend? Ours was as beautiful as ever. Here’s what life looked like at the Thompson’s. A Fall Song Golden and red trees Nod to the soft breeze, As it whispers, “Winter is near;” And the brown nuts fall At the wind’s loud call, For this is the Fall of the

Living With Autism & Asperger Syndrome

Our son’s diagnosis with Autism, specifically Asperger Syndrome, was a big piece to a very unexpected puzzle our lives had become. I’ve not written about it since last December because honestly, I’m fiercely protective of our son’s privacy. How can I balance protecting his privacy with sharing information I think can be helpful to others?

The Last Stand of the Season

It rained today. A real settle into your bones sort of chill, along with dark skies that turn day into night. The sunflowers are making their last stand. I’ve really loved them so. Good for the honey bees and good for my spirit. Flowers are the most simple form of cheer. The cornstalks will be