My Farmhouse Archive

The Wrapping Station

One of the nice things about World Headquarters, is that I made sure to add in a wrapping station. I love pretty packages, so it was important to me. I think having an organized space that looks pretty inspires me to create pretty things. A peek into one of the drawers… Should we wrap some

Country Living Christmas

Thanksgiving is almost here and I’m starting to get excited about decorating for Christmas. Last year, we shot our home during the holidays for this year’s Country Living Magazine Christmas issue. The magazine is available on newsstands now. I’ll be sharing the rest of the images that didn’t make the layout here on my website

Decorating the Porch for Fall

I’ve always enjoyed making the most out of what I have in my surroundings for decorating around our home. This is especially true when the seasons change and I’m looking to make the front porch warm and welcoming. This year my sunflower patch brought me so much joy that I wanted to make sure to

Kitchen Planning – Part 2

A while back, I shared all about what went into planning my kitchen and experienced a huge amount of interest in my cutting board drawer. The drawer post was also shared on lots of other websites where some readers wondered about the possibility of the drawer being unclean or unsanitary. Today, I thought I’d share

The Holiday Spice Drawer

Part of the sweetness of Christmastime for me is making my everyday spaces festive. The places I spend a lot of time and where some may find drudgery. Like the laundry room, pantry, and my kitchen. My spice drawer sits nestled in the island of my kitchen, amid many other drawers that make up what

My Laundry & Mud Room – Part 2

When designing our home, it made sense to use pocket doors in a few rooms. The laundry room was one. A door hanging into the hallway wouldn't be ideal and if it went the other direction, it'd be blocking my access to the laundry chute. So, a pocket door it was. A huge favorite feature

My Laundry & Mud Room

I'm a big believer in wallpaper in the laundry room. I think it adds a happiness to the room and makes me want to be in there. Good thing, because we go through a lot of laundry each week! Because I'm short, I needed to keep the counters as low as possible. Rather than build

The Perfect Little Bench

I always find it interesting to watch the trends that come and go in the world of antiques. I remember when trunks were popular. Now they're not. But these old pieces shouldn't be overlooked. In fact, they are so useful for turning into entryway or mudroom benches. (And they have storage space!) I bought this

Christmas Around The House

We’ve been decorating for Christmas and I love it when I add some cheer and the boys notice it first thing when they come home from school. Today I decorated the bookcase in the kitchen. I organized the cookbooks by color and then just added in happy little bits I have on hand. I love

My Kitchen – Part 6 (The Details)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my kitchen tour. I wanted to share some final details and thoughts that I hope you find useful. One small but impactful design element of my cabinets is that I had the cabinets made without any toekicks at the base. I find this to be both old-fashioned and modern at the