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How to Make Party Signs

When you put a lot of effort into throwing a great party, don’t miss out on adding the final touch: Signs to mark the way. For farm-themed signage, hang signs from pitchfork tines. All you’ll need is some paper, a printer, double-stick tape or a glue stick, and ribbons to hang. Start with a colorful

Farm Chicks Style Wedding

A serene little Idaho farm was the scene for a summer’s early afternoon, joy-filled Farm Chicks Style wedding. The bride wore a vintage cotton dress. Twinkly lights and a fancy chandelier were all that were needed for the barn, where the ceremony was held. An old farm truck became the stage for the bluegrass band.

Valentine Hot Cocoa Party

The chilly days of February call for cozy celebrations, and nothing could be more cozy than a cup of hot cocoa. How about a hot cocoa party? Gather up your favorite sweets, like cupcakes, strawberries and sweet marshmallows for floating in your cocoa. Whip up a batch of your favorite cocoa and add it into

Serve it Pretty

This time of year we take the time to make beautiful things and serve our favorite foods, so why not serve them in a pretty way? The best thing is, it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. My friend, Jill, serves appetizers on a cutting board, simply topped with cedar. You can add a

Christmas “Tree-ts”

These tasty little treats “tree-ts” are a fun adaptation of our family’s Sweetie Pies. And although they’re dusted with powdered sugar, they’re actually not overly sweet, which is a nice change of pace during the holidays when things can be overly sugary. And the list of ingredients is pretty simple: Pie Crust, Jam, A Beaten Egg,

Brown Paper Packages

I do love a simple paper package. Just so humble and festive at the same time. But what if I’m feeling like adding another simple little something? Well, I’d look all around the house, for little household things. Like doily bits. I’d affix them with a little glue or double-stick tape. Or confetti, because nothing

The Wrapping Station

One of the nice things about World Headquarters, is that I made sure to add in a wrapping station. I love pretty packages, so it was important to me. I think having an organized space that looks pretty inspires me to create pretty things. A peek into one of the drawers… Should we wrap some

How to Make Merry Cakes

Oh what fun it is to make merry little cakes…. ♬♪♫ Today I started with basic cakes from the bakery and some simple essentials. First step, sugar the cranberries. (I do the entire sugaring process over the sink. When I’m done, I can simply rinse the colander and the sink all clean). Place cranberries in a colander

The Thanksgiving Tablescape

Each year I love thinking about how I’ll decorate my table for Thanksgiving. Oftentimes, I’ll pull everything together earlier in the fall to enjoy the bounty of the season we’re currently in for as long as possible. This year was no different. I picked some squash and miniature pumpkins from our field. I wanted the

How to Make an Autumn Arrangement

There’s something so special about a home with an arrangement or two. Whenever I make one, each time it catches my eye, I feel happy. And honestly, they’re so incredibly simple to pull together. Today I want to show you how to make one that’s both beautiful and simple and perfect for autumn. I like