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The Sunflower the Giver

The last of the sunflowers sit in the field after another summer of being true givers. For the pollen that feeds the bees that make the honey. For the deer who nibble their petals… hee hee And for me: Thank you, sunflowers. I love you so. *    *    *    * Between posts

How A Country Living Magazine Story Comes To Life

Each month, the pages of Country Living magazine tell us stories about crafts, collectibles, homes and homeowners, and country style. But how do these stories come to life? Oftentimes, it starts with an editor’s idea, like this story about ice cream, in the June 2014 issue: So, the editor has an idea about ice cream.

Country Living Magazine – A New Location & A New Editor-In-Chief

I first began working as a contributing editor with Country Living Magazine in 2004, shortly after the Editor-In-Chief at the time, Nancy Soriano, visited my Farm Chicks Antiques Show. It was a really exciting time, and such an honor for me. The first story was all about how to bake a pie. In the ten

Huckleberry Peach Pie

  My favorite summertime pie, full of juicy fresh-picked GreenBluff orchard peaches and wild huckleberries from Mount Spokane.   Notes: You can find my recipe for Grandma’s Pie Dough here. I highly recommend using only fresh, tree-ripened peaches as they are the most tasty and flavorful. Huckleberries are sometimes compared to blueberries, mostly because of

Grandma’s Pie Dough

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a pie by its crust. This is hands-down the best piecrust ever, adapted from my mother-in-law Mary Jane’s recipe. It’s rich, flaky and unforgettable. You can make the dough, wrap it, and freeze for baking later.   Mary Jane was given the original

September 19, 1971

I recently came across this clipping from my childhood, from the Daily Inter Lake Newspaper in Kalispell, Montana: Family Prefers Nomad Way of Life Carefree Family Passes This Way By Warren Pettit An odd-looking vehicle, something of a covered wagon with rubber tires and a motor, drove through Kalispell the other day, and was different

Scenes from The Farm Chicks Antiques Show

I love the spirit in the air at the show each year. Groups of friends, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, families, and Curators happy to share their creativity and style through the goods they so carefully gather and curate all year, leading up to the show. If you came to the show, thank you

The Farm Chicks Birdhouse Installation

One of my very favorite parts of The Farm Chicks Show each year is coming up with a theme and then carrying it through every aspect of the show all leading up to the installation at the main entrance. It is SO FUN for me. This year’s theme was birds. I decided to make a

The Farm Chicks Antiques Show 2014 Re-Cap

This year’s Farm Chicks Show was as fun as ever! All of the Curators arrived for setup on Friday and did such a beautiful job. That night after everyone had left, I walked through the show all by myself, to take it all in. I was thinking how special these Curators are and how lovely

Dandelion Tea

Another great use of dandelions is to brew them into as a simple tea. It’s really easy to make. Simply steep a handful of fresh leaves and blossoms in hot water for 5-10 minutes. The tea is quite mild and reminds me of spring, which seems appropriate for the plant that truly is one of