Kitchen Planning – Part 2

A while back, I shared all about what went into planning my kitchen and experienced a huge amount of interest in my cutting board drawer. The drawer post was also shared on lots of other websites where some readers wondered about the possibility of the drawer being unclean or unsanitary.



Today, I thought I’d share a bit more about this drawer that has created so much chatter.

  • First of all, it’s not an unclean surface. Maple is an excellent cutting surface because it’s very dense, but also because it is naturally highly resistant to bacteria.
  • I NEVER cut meat on this cutting board. It’s used for veggies.
  • There’s more to the drawer than I thought to share the first time around.

The cutting board isn’t attached to the drawer. In fact, it easily lifts right out of the drawer.



I can take it so the sink and give it a good scrub whenever I need to.


A good shot of the bottom of the cutting board, showing the framework that keeps it perfectly situated in the drawer. It doesn’t move a  bit, when set in place. And it’s nice that I have access to the tube so I can give that a good scrub whenever I need to as well.


We’ve been using the cutting board drawer for about three years now and really love it. The boys use it constantly and it’s really easy for them to clean. I’m really glad we included it in our kitchen.

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