We spent some time in Marin with my sister and family, which is where she settled after moving away from home and finishing college. Marin County is a special place to me as we spent a good deal of time here when we were younger. Shortly after my sister returned to Marin, she met a girl her same age and they began talking about this and that. At some point in the conversation, they realized who each other was – a best friend from Kindergarten. (My sister attended school in Marin for a period of time while our family took a break from the road and lived out of the Gypsy Wagon here). They’re friends to this day.

We started the day at Two Birds for breakfast:


The boys were treated to a bit of George Lucas while we we visited the area. Recently, George Lucas had a park built, (Imagination Park), which is a pretty little park in the middle of  San Anselmo (one of many towns located within Marin County), complete with a tribute to Indiana Jones and Yoda. Later, we headed out to Naboo, (aka the forest near my sister’s home), which is a planet in the Star Wars universe. The Ewok fight scene was shot here.



IMG_4893My niece, Kylie, named after our brother, Ky.

Later, we stopped by Toby’s Barn in Point Reyes, and meandered about town. I love that my sister’s yoga’s classes are in a barn. This place always makes me happy – a modern day feed and farm store.



It was a beautiful day in Marin!

Now we’re making our way home to Spokane. Where will we stop along the way? Stay tuned!


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