My Kitchen – Part 2 (Wall of Cabinets)

Another reason why I came up with the idea for the wall of cabinets was that I loved the thought of having a really nice clean and simple wall of cabinetry that didn’t take away from the sink and view out my windows, which is like a piece of art in itself.


I knew the doors needed to be inset into the cabinets and that the appliances would have to be built in and flat with the cabinetry as well, to pull off the look I was going for.


What I began to find is that the built in type of appliances are really expensive. I searched and searched for good alternatives, but really found none that suited what I was looking for. In the end, I was able to work with an appliance store that was able to track down a column fridge and column freezer, still at the factory, that were last year’s models. (Column refrigerators and freezers are separate units that don’t have to be installed together. You can have your freezer in one area, and fridge in another). Columns are really nice because they are installed flush with the cabinetry and don’t have the vent on the top. They provide a really clean look. I wanted the fridge and freezer installed together – which was no problem. Since one was Thermador and one was Bosch, I had them change the handle on one of the columns to match the other. You’d have no idea looking at them together that they are separate units, and in fact, different brands. I spent a lot of time on this and still a lot more money that what I had budgeted for appliances, but ended up with the pieces that I think really were necessary there and at half the original cost.


I designed in an appliance cupboard to the left of the refrigerator. Originally, I intended for Colin’s coffee maker to go in there, along with his coffee bean roaster (Yes, he roasts his own coffee beans. I call him a coffee snob).


But as we began using the kitchen, the coffee maker didn’t bother me at all on the counter, so now it simply houses his roaster, beans, coffee supplies, and my cuisinart.


The shelves pull out for easy access and ease of use. I really like it and am glad to not have all of our appliances sitting out on the counter.


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You can read all the details about our farmhouse building process here.

Additional Information:

Our home was designed by Nancy McKennon.

Our builder was Craig Powell of Powell Custom Homes. (509) 994-2831 (He doesn’t have a website).

My cabinets were custom made by a local cabinet maker.

The ceiling is made of beadboard planks, also known as wainscotting. I talked a lot about it here.

The lights over the island were made from salvaged old schoolhouse globes and new arms. I obtained all of the materials from Revival Lighting in Spokane and they built the lighting as well.

The lights over the sink are from Lowe’s.

The flooring is tile that looks like wood. It is manufactured by Daltile. I talked about it here and here. I have received many inquiries regarding the exact wood pattern and the exact name of the Daltile line. Unfortunately, Daltile changes their offerings frequently and although I have contacted the company numerous times, trying to pin down exact information to offer to readers, they have never responded to my requests. My recommendation if you like the look: choose the wood tile that you like best, and find a grout that as closely matches your tile color choice as possible.

My countertops are quartz, manufactured by Zodiaq and the pattern is Bianco Carrara. I talked about it here and here.

The wall tile is all from Dirk Elliot Tile. The best in the world and made right here in Spokane, by our good friends, Dirk and Christina. I talk more about it here and here.

The windows are made by our friends, Burke and Muriel, at VPI windows. They are also manufactured here in Spokane and are the BEST! I talked all about the windows here and here.

The cabinet hardware is from Spokane Hardware, who also have an amazing website (The Hardware Hut) where you can order just about anything your heart desires.

The pantry door (and all the doors in our home) came from Harry at River City Glass in Spokane.

My large glass pantry jars with the glass lids can be found at Target and Wal-Mart in many different sizes.

My small glass pantry jars with the white lids can be found at Wal-Mart. (Better Homes and Gardens canning jars). The plastic lids were purchased separately and are widely available at most grocery stores in the canning section.

My appliances are all Thermador, with the exception of the freezer column which is Bosch, and the microwave which is G.E.

The antique FOODS sign was purchased from Marketplace Antiques in Sandpoint, Idaho and was spotted for me by the amazing and wonderful MaryAnn Duarte, who has a space there and is also a vendor at The Farm Chicks Show.

The clock was a gift. (Source unknown).

The stools are from Pottery Barn.

The dining room table was built by Antico.

The dining room chairs are from Cost Plus World Market.

The dining room grasscloth bamboo wallpaper came from Wallflowers in Spokane. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the brand.

A note about my sources: I try and identify my sources as often as possible and love promoting other businesses. My policy is that if I love something or have had a good experience with a product or service, I try to promote it, when possible. Sometimes, I’m disappointed with a product or service and won’t provide that source. I understand that thousands of readers visit my blog every day and I realize that if I were to say something negative about a product or source, my opinion could have a negative impact on a business, and that’s not what I want. If I don’t list a source, it’s not because I’m stingy, I just choose to keep it positive here. Thank you for understanding.


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