The Homefront Homestretch

It’s been mega busy at the job site lately. The last push to get things done. Today, the finish carpenter, tile installer, painters, media system installers, excavator, and electricians were all hard at work.

Mike has completed my pantry. I love it so much.


In our home, we keep all food items in the pantry, so it’s a room we use a ton. I’m so thankful that it can look so nice and be functional.

IMG_7240 IMG_7243 IMG_7242

I tried to use as much vintage lighting as possible. I found the best resource (and most affordable by far) to be Revival Lighting in downtown Spokane (they do mail order too). When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, they helped me piece lights together to get them just right. (Such as: I like that shade, but would prefer to use that base). Not a problem. One of my favorites is this old milk glass fixture from the thirties that hangs in the upper stairway:

IMG_7251 IMG_7252

Me and milk glass? We’re old pals.

The tile installation has begun in the kitchen. It will cover the walls, floor to ceiling, and around the “Mega-Shelf”, as Todd calls it. Dirk designed it with 2″x4″ and 2″x6″ subway tiles. The layout design has a sort of woven look, which will play off of the woven grasscloth I have going in the dining room, just to the left. The grasscloth will butt up against the tile.



The ultimate test if it’s okay? Colin. He likes it. (Even after having his flight home from his Seattle office delayed by several hours). Hooray!


I’ve tried to add special touches to each of the boy’s rooms. This room is the smallest, so I wanted to make good use of the space and give it a cool factor. After googling elevated beds, I was really inspired by this idea. Mike adapted it to fit this room and used chain in place of rope so there’s no possibility of it stretching. The dark wall is finished in chalkboard paint and will be perfect for our son who is a non-stop doodler.


IMG_7247 IMG_7249

This bedroom has a shelf (in progress) that wraps all around, which is perfect for our son who loves to create sculptures and collect books. I’ve tried to keep the corbels here consistent with others used throughout the house. It’s one of those things that probably won’t be consciously noticed by visitors, but does give the house a feeling that everything belongs together.


Propane was installed today and the appliances will be going in soon. There’s a tiny bit of painting that needs to get finished up. The plumbers will be installing all of the sinks/tubs/faucets in a few days. The thermostats will be going in, as well as remaining light fixtures, security system, wallpaper in a few rooms, mirrors installed, tile grouted, carpet installed, closets finished, stairway woodwork done, and concrete poured for the porches, walkways, and patio areas.

And at World Headquarters, the trim is getting painted. Once that’s done, the floor will get the final finish, stairway finished, closet shelving installed, plumbing completed in bathroom, and then…. we’ll be done!


And guess what? Everyone is feeling a bit cranky. We’re anxious to be done and these last few weeks have been a bear. But the good thing… it will make moving in that much sweeter.

I counted back through the years and this will be the sixteenth time that I’ve moved in my life. (Not counting my gypsy wagon days). Know what? Sixteen’s a charm.    …Sweet Sixteen…

We’re never moving again.


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