Flooring, Dreaming, and Spring


The floors are being prepped for the flooring installation.


A while back, I mentioned that we had to eliminate wood floors as an option due to the complications of wood going in over radiant heat. My second choice has always been tile, as it’s so easy to keep clean and feels heavenly all warmed up from the radiant heat. But I really love the look of wood. Luckily, there are tons of options for “wood” tiles now and we were able to find some that we really like, from Daltile.


When the cabinet makers came to install the cabinets, one of the “boards” was laying on the floor. One of the guys picked it up and said, “Whoa! I thought that was a board!” That made me happy.

I like that they come in such nice long lengths. And man are they heavy!

The last of the built-ins went in last week in the dining room. I decided to line the uppers with a mirror because it reflects our neighbor’s beautiful orchard next door. And I opted for glass shelves because I think it adds a lovely touch with the mirrors and will look so sparkly and wonderful with all 9,000,000 fancy drinking glasses in my collection. I can’t stop dreaming about my first dinner party.


In other news, the rain just keeps on pouring down here in the Pacific Northwest.


And I continue to wear practical shoes. hee hee


The good news about all of this rain? It’s going to be a gorgeous and bountiful spring!

Post Edit: The tile we selected is tile that looks like wood. It is manufactured by Daltile. I talked more about it here. I have received many inquiries regarding the exact wood pattern and the exact name of the Daltile line. Unfortunately, Daltile changes their offerings frequently and although I have contacted the company numerous times, trying to pin down exact information to offer to readers, they have never responded to my requests. My recommendation if you like the look: choose the wood tile that you like best, and find a grout that as closely matches your tile color choice as possible.


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