Mudding & Taping


We’ve been getting lots of snow, ever since Thanksgiving.  Before the plow comes, it’s hard to see our driveway at the building site.

The sheetrock is all installed and now the mudding and taping has begun.



This is the stairway leading to the second floor, as seen from the kitchen.  I’ve always wanted a bannister in my kitchen.  I dream of draping it with prettiness at Christmastime.  Craig is building me a built-in bookcase in the stairs for all of my cookbooks.  The pantry is the doorway you see just to the right of the bookcase space:


The lower ceiling in the living room will be tongue and groove beadboard (which wraps around from most of the main floor) and the higher ceiling will be some sort of boards that I haven’t quite settled on yet.  I’m on the hunt for an amazing light fixture which will hang down from the high point of the room:


The upstairs landing:


The boy’s study.  A built-in desk and bookcase are going in on the far left and a bench seat all along under the windows:


I’ve also finished picking out my countertops.  I love marble so so much but know that our family is way too hard on things, so I only chose to use it in the master bath.  Here is one of my slabs:


I’ll be using Quartz countertops in the kitchen and dining room built-in because it’s so incredibly user-friendly.  I’m really happy that I won’t have to police what my family is setting on the counter.  It’s just so much more family friendly for me.  I’ve chosen Bianco Carrara from Zodiaq:


I’ll be using galvanized metal counters in the laundry room.

After the boys go to school today, I’ll be doing some shopping with the amazing Samantha, and then meeting some friends at the building site just for fun.  After that, I’m meeting with the wallpaper installer to go over my wallpaper.  I’m using grasscloth in the dining room and am a little concerned about how it will look on the walls where it ends.  So, we’ll be going over that as well as the few other spaces where I’ve chosen to have wallpaper.  My last meeting of the day will be with Craig and the tile installer to go over the tile installation.

I’m still working on paint colors and am waiting on some tile samples.  I’ve had to eliminate wood flooring as an option due to the complications of installing it over radiant heat.  And since one of my biggest goals with the new house is for it to be family friendly and low maintenance, it’s what I had to decide.  I’m excited about some options that we’re looking into as an alternative and hope to get that pinned down this week.


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