Insulation, Siding, and Doors

Things are plugging away at the new house.  Insulation is underway in the garage:


The webbing for the blown-in insulation inside the house is in place:


The exterior of the house has been wrapped:


And the siding has begun:


We’ve chosen to use Hardie Board siding, which is a cement siding and really, well, hardy.  It holds paint really well and is fire resistant.  It’s like superhero siding.  One time a while back, when we were still living in our happy home, I came home to smoke billowing up from the back side of the house.  I ran around the back to find a fire burning in the bark against the house.  The flames in the bark were lapping up against the Hardie Board and it refused to catch on fire.  I’m a believer in Hardie.  And considering that our family home burned down when I was in high school, I’m touchy about these sort of things.

7304_fir We’re waiting on the exterior doors to arrive.  Choosing a front door took some time.  I really wanted a front door with a window but was obsessed with the window on the door exactly lining up with the window at the entryway.  I wasn’t able to find a pre-made door with a window that worked for me so I looked into a custom front door.  However, due to the height of the entryway window, even a custom door window couldn’t match exactly, and was also really costly.  So, I opted for a solid door.  I ended up choosing a nice classic door that I’ll have painted.  Classic style is really important to me because I want it to look good for years to come.  All of these little decisions can end up including some sort of a sacrifice, but I’ve tried really hard to still find things that I love, while making sure to keep our budget in mind.

Once all of the exterior doors are in place and the insulation is complete, the sheetrock installation will begin.

The house will need to be heated soon to dry out any moisture in the sheetrock once that goes up.  The heating crew has been working onsite to get the system up and running:


55_fir I met with Craig yesterday to go over the interior doors, base trim, and crown molding.  Again, I’ve chosen some nice classic profiles.  I worked on a shoot recently in an amazing old building and was really inspired by the baseboard trim.  It was really high and just had a really nice “feel” to it.  Craig is working on trying to match it.  I chose some paneled doors for the interior and they think they will tie everything together nicely. There’s a warmth to these doors that I love.  (They will be painted white, along with the trim).

Today I’m going to pour over wallpaper samples and hopefully find some things I’m crazy about.  Craig is getting me some samples of wall finishes for the sheetrock and I’m hoping to use the very very lightest texture possible.  I’d really prefer to have a perfectly smooth wall, but that can get really expensive.  So, hopefully we’ll be able to settle on something that works without breaking the bank.  Then I’ll be moving on to selecting paint colors.  They will definitely be very light, because I love a bright and happy home.


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