VPI Windows

A big priority for us in building our new home is to make it as energy efficient and as well built as possible.  Windows can have a huge impact on just that, so It was really important for us to find the perfect window manufacturer.  VPI Windows in Spokane was our first choice.

Not only are the owners, Burke and Muriel, good friends, they also produce excellent windows that are made right here in our community.  We’ve even gotten to see them being built, which is pretty wonderful.

The windows will be going in later this week, so production is in full swing.  Prior to production, we had an onsite walk-through to measure each window opening and to determine which ones would open and which ones wouldn’t, and the direction in which they’d open.  After that, I met with Greg at VPI to go over which windows would have grids and what style of grid would go in each of those gridded windows.  Since there are 52 windows and because we wanted to be certain everything was just right, there was one last walk-through to make sure all of the windows on the order were just as specified.

It’s surprising how much thought can go into this whole process.  I wanted to make sure that each room had windows that made sense all together, as well as looking good when viewing the house as a whole from the outside.  I used our plans to sketch out the grids/no-grids on each of the windows and to help keep everything straight in my mind.

And now, here we are in production.

Here’s Dustin cutting the frames:

Dustin Cutting Frame

The glazing stop (the part of the window that holds the glass in place) being applied:

Bimal Preparing the Glazing Stop

Cutting the sashes:

Konstentyn Cutting Sashes

Jason working on the grids.  (I chose the largest grids possible because I really like them to look chunky rather than thin and wispy):

Jason Working on the Grids

Spacers being applied: (Material placed between two or more pieces of glass in order to maintain a uniform width between the glass and to prevent sealant distortion.  Since our windows are triple paned, this is really important)

Lauro Applying Spacer

Aaron welding the frames:

Aaron Welding Frames

Donnie assembling the windows:

Donnie Assembling the Windows

Ali installing the hardware on the sashes:

Ali Installing Hardware on Sashes

Ready to glaze:

Ready to Glaze

The screens being built:

Gonga Building Screens

The first batch of windows are done!

Ready to go!

And the important details:

Wow! Great Vitals.

I can’t wait to see these babies installed.


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