It Takes a Vision

I know you’ll understand me here.  Sometimes, it takes a vision to see the possibilities in junky things. And when I told Colin that I wanted to find a beautiful old farm sink for our new house, I know he must have gulped and sighed on the inside before giving me his smile of approval.  The smile that says, “I think you’re crazy, but as long as you’re happy, I’m happy”.

And so, I set out on my search.  And phew!  It was a lot more difficult than I imagined.  Salvage yards, tips from friends, a trip to Floyd and Margaret’s, and emails from you.  And I have to admit, I started out really picky.  I wanted a perfect sink. No damage.  And that, I learned, was just too much to ask for because a sink that’s been around since the 1930’s isn’t going to be perfect.  Not. Ever.

And when I was about to throw in my towel, a friend called to tell me she found me a sink and that she had already purchased it off of Craigslist.  Turns out, in Spokane, 122 other people (for reals!) wanted my sink too and she had to act fast.

The cost of my sink was $200 and it will cost an additional $250 to have it re-enameled.  It’s about 4 feet long and includes a nice high back, one basin, and drainboard.  And I love it.



And the best part?  Colin loves it too.  Thank goodness.  I guess he has the vision too!

The next time you see our sink, it will be pretty as a picture and holding court as the centerpiece in our farmhouse kitchen.

Sink Considerations:

It was really important for me to find this sink before my kitchen plan was finalized.  Since it’s such a unique size and includes the high back, it can’t just be added into the plan easily.  It would definitely need to be designed around.

I knew that even if I found a sink with no blemishes, it would probably have dull spots, which I wouldn’t like.  Because I knew that re-enameling would be almost certain, I made sure to find an expert in our area who could do the project for me before I considered anything that was blemished.  (I’ll be working with Mr. Tub in Spokane).

I spoke with the expert (Mr. Tub) and found out a ballpark cost for the work and I budgeted for that. A big consideration for me is that beautiful sinks like this are extremely hard to find and reproductions can run anywhere from $2000-$4000.  So for me, the total cost of $450 was well worth it.

I love single basin sinks.  I chose a single basin for our current home as well and it works really great for handwashing large items.


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