The Baking Center

When we built our house, we were definitely on a budget. And that was okay, because Colin and I had never lived any other way. Although we had a builder, I took classes at the community college on being your own general contractor, as we wanted to have as much information as possible, and be educated enough to make good choices. We also spent a lot of time at the library (one of our favorite places on earth) looking for inspiration. When I found The Not So Big House book, I was really happy. Small-ish homes, built with quality materials.  We loved the concept.

Center2 Colin’s best friend, Tony, was just discovering a new hobby of cabinet building and offered to build our kitchen at cost. We were thrilled with his offer. Tony and I met up one morning at Starbucks and sketched out the kitchen. I wanted it to be classic, full of light, and have plenty of space for foot traffic so the boys could ramble freely through, even if the dishwasher and oven were both wide open.

Center And most importantly, I wanted a baking center on the island in the center of it all.

What I love most about the baking center are the drawers that hold my spices – right next to the stove, and the flour, sugars, etc. in the others. If I need to dust the countertop with flour, I can just reach right in and grab a handful.

~ ~ ~ ~

I have another fun little place that I keep more of my spices. I’ll show you soon!


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